A dystopian book that is beautifully executed and a darn good read!  A big fat 5 stars from me!

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Publisher: Dark Mountain Books (21 Jan. 2016)
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Corim Colleran is born into a cold and sterile world. In tiny apartments, meager meals are delivered through chutes in the cupboards. In robot-run schools, sexual development is cultivated with clinical precision. No one can leave their corner of the city. No one can change the course of their predetermined days, or the length of their preset lifespans.

The only real thing Corim can choose is the woman he loves, but the life he builds with her is torn apart by a violent encounter with one of society’s elites. Corim goes down a twisted path where he discovers the answers to his lifelong questions about the system ruling him. He also discovers the will to fight it.

The gripping story of Three Days Breathing combines a classic sci-fi aesthetic with modern takes on love, loss, and individualism. Readers should be advised it contains adult themes and moderate violence.

My thoughts on this book:

I read this way back, but didn’t have time to review it, so read it again. It is even better the second time round. Just love it!

When I first started to read I wondered whether this was a Young Adult book as the the theme is quite adult. However both YA and adults will find it incredibly thought provoking. When I thought it may be for YA I was wondering whether I thought it made me feel uncomfortable with the seemingly apparent loose morals. But then I realised that Maguire is challenging us to look at how sex is seen, and question social control and I love how he has done that, superb!

The world that Mike Maguire has created is seemingly perfect in the sense that he has left nothing out of his construction. As I was reading I was challenged mercilessly with everything about this world. It turned my brain inside and out just picturing the whole of it.  The book doesn’t overwhelm you with the complexity of the world he has created all at once and that is a real skill of an author to do that.

This world then is in hierarchical tiers of those who are the richest get to live the longest, and those who are the lowest in the order live the least amount of time. Everything is timed to the day. Males live for 35 years, and females for 37 years and not a day longer.

Isn’t that an absolutely scary concept knowing the date of your death and the week leading up to it?

They are taught to expect this from childhood. Every aspect of their life is designed for them. However, Corim’s Dad allows him to question more than he should. So what happens? How does this impact on his life…..?       Sorry can’t tell you that you will have to read this quietly thrilling book to find out what happens….


I got so involved with the characters in the story because they were so perfectly individual; each one’s action was not out of place, heck I knew these guys as they grew up.

Why would I recommend it?

The title ‘Three Days Breathing’ is a cliff hanger in the book…yep, a tear or two may have escaped.

I would recommend this book because it is so readable, and challenges a person’s own perception of what is acceptable and why in society, and most importantly what it can teach us.      Not only that it is a darn good read.

What did I like best about it?

I love the individuality of the characters because they all had centre stage within the novel. Okay, Corim was the main character, but this soon merged into a group of people who drifted in and out but remained important throughout.

There are some absolutely stunning lines that gave me pictures which brought the whole thing alive for me.

They are kids right trying to find the right person to marry with the tools they have been taught to use, suddenly feeling jealousy and trying understand emotions that are new and scary and not knowing what to do with them. It is also about unrequited love:

“Hush! I’m saying I don’t trust it when people explain their emotions. Everyone always feels like they need to have explanations, so they’ll just grab at any ones they can think of. But no one can ever put the reasons for love into words.”

Mr Maguire would make a great counsellor!

I loved learning about the world he has created in this book because it felt like there was a truth in the layers of society and the way he had those layers think and live.

An excellent read and right up there with the sci fi classics.
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