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I gave this 4/5

A woman’s body is pulled from the frozen Danube in Bratislava. Police Commander Jana Matinova recognizes the killer’s calling card. She had him in her grasp once before …and he slipped away. But not this time. Determined to end the bloody killing spree, Matinova’s investigation plunges her into the center of an international conspiracy involving hundreds of millions of dollars and turns the hunter into the hunted. Pursued by vicious assassins, Matinova charges across Europe in a relentless quest for the truth…and dignity for the dead.

My review: 

I liked this book but was not in love with it.

A woman killed with an ice pick, then similarly killed bodies turning up in different countries. Suspect: Koba “He likes to play the spider in the corner, coming out just kill and eat a victim”, the killer whose signature is a single stab with an ice-pick whilst never being seen.

This is great and is a prelude to what is to come.

“The monster has returned from he dead.”….They stayed silent, each waiting for the other to speak, hoping the other might say it wasn’t true, that they were imagining it.

The murders which are linked to this man creates fear in the hearts of criminals and police alike. Such a cold evil man, so what on earth is he doing following Police Commander Jana Matinova?

Financial fraud big scale across continents – mega big goings on here. Sorry, but I inwardly groan when the word fraud/money comes up in a plot. Not my thing at all I don’t know why, give me a good (gory) murder or a series of murders then I am a happy bunny.

I found it an enjoyable novel because it was excellently written with some great characters, but sorry Michael Genelin the international money fraud lost a star for me when I got bored reading the financial background to the plot, some of which I felt unnecessary. However, I believe there to be a really nice intelligence in the writing with a nicely woven plot which showed skill and understanding of people and politics.

There is also a local crime in the plot which everyone thinks of as unimportant apart from Commander Jana Matinova. We keep coming back to this local murder which was being totally overlooked by all, and this sort of ‘grounds’ the job of the police. Nice touch.

What did I like best?
As I have said I really like the style of writing and Genelin entertained me with some great lines which I think are worth a mention.

The beginning totally grabbed me :

“Run! Find a hiding place where they can’t see you! And no matter how hungry you are, stay hidden until dark.”

I liked how well the next stage is slipped into comfortably. A body pulled out of an icy river and the book begins.

There was just enough tension and mystery without being explosive. I like that.

Genelin has some great lines which paints a backdrop of each of the places that Commander Jana the detective visits during the investigation.

“The decorations were still up even though it was past the Christmas season, and things now just looked wilted. The lights had several bulbs out, one of them flickering as if reluctantly giving off its last noel.”

Nice dry sense of humour peeps out throughout which is nice:

“I am not sure that playing football in a morgue is going to make the dead appreciate them.”
“Everybody likes company.”

Then, I think this is my favourite line in the book, stunning.

“Strangely enough, the snow also added a clean sheetlike purity to the border area, that unkempt connecting patch that countries often have between them.”

The characters?

There were great characters including Jana was awesome and so likeable I would quite happily spend an hour having coffee and a chat with her, and I loved her dealings with the lazy Seges, he was such an irritating guy in a good way!

Zuzu on the other hand was a bit of a wildcard for me, she was my one irritation because I kept thinking no-one with a baby would leave it time after time and act like a lamb to the slaughter.

I think the series would be good to read just to get to know the evil Koba, I think he is an interesting killer!


Many thanks to the publisher via NetGalley for a copy of this book.