4/5 Stars

Paperback, 222 pages
Published August 4th 2015 by Brash Books
ISBN 1941298397 (ISBN13: 9781941298398)

A psychic Peter Bragg once saved from suicide has seen her future… death at the hands of a serial killer… and turns to Bragg to save her life again. As one corpse after another is unearthed in the woods of Jack London State Park, Bragg teams up with a Sheriff’s detective in a race against time, and perhaps fate, to hunt down a killer stalking the nightmare landscape of the psychic’s visions and the dark, deadly streets of San Francisco.

My Review

Maribeth from his past, asks PI Peter Bragg for help. ‘Help me’ she says ‘I trust you’, then tells him a fantastical story about buried bodies and somehow she is threatened with violence and death too.

Did I like the characters?
Maribeth, psychic seems a very plausible woman and her niece a great individual. As in life, Lynch allowed his characters to grow, including Peter Bragg Private Investigator himself who was willing to give anything a listen to. There were a couple of characters I would have like him to have become involved with, but like all good stories what seems obvious doesn’t necessarily happen!

It was great that the characters in the police did not distract from Bragg himself and I particularly liked how he reacted with Rachel the [rare] female detective in the department who grew stronger throughout the book.

What did I like best?

I really liked Lynch’s style of writing it, it’s kind of manly, no nonsense. He manages to pack a lot of good interesting information in that flows seamlessly with the plot. This is a book of action with one lead being followed by the next and the next giving a constant stream of small excitements that kept me reading to the end.

Lynch draws us great pictures with his words for instance Bragg’s friend Max Bolero whose business Commando Seaplanes was nothing more than a few planes and more projects being worked on by a number of ‘enthusiasts’, would take him to survey the land from the air:

‘and it finally dawned on me. Max wasn’t running just a seaplane business down there on that south shore of Richardson Bay in Sausalito; on the side he was running a playground for grownups.’

In describing Max’s talents and his friend a retired anthropologist working on one of the ‘projects’ with bits of aircraft, he writes this great line:

“He was an ace mechanic, and chances were he could have built the P-51 replica the older fellow wanted all by himself using just a wrench and his Swiss Army knife.”

Of course this is primarily a book where there is a killer and lots of bodies, males, females and children without any real connection between them, but there is a lot of relationship conundrums, not just the story of a search for the bodies and who did it.

I enjoyed the abundance of background woven into the storyline which so nicely done, giving lots of information in a pleasurable read.

This is a real detective story, going from one clue to another trying to make sense of it all getting closer. When they finally link who the killer is the chase is on and it is an exciting one.

The final chapter gives Bragg some attention of his own. Does he get the girl? Which girl? Where does he go from here?

What was I not sure about?
The title and cover of the book was confusing for me because it didn’t feel like it fit the novel at all.

Many thanks to the Publisher for a copy via NetGalley.