Forget the film – read the book, its awesome!

Source – ebook bought from:   AMAZON UK – Divergent (Divergent Trilogy, Book 1)

Different? and why would I recommend it?


Roth has got this book so right for young adults! Divergent is so complex and so exciting it has to be read to experience it. Yes, I know that there is a film, and I watched it after finishing the book, but, even though the film is great, Victoria Roth’s writing is superb and there is so much more in the book than the film. You will not be disappointed if you read the series even if you have watched the films. There are some twists and turns that are not in the film and some very very tense moments that you will only read in the book.


Goodness these characters are so real, some not quite likeable because I was unsure about them, some I just outright despised and some I genuinely felt sorry for. It’s only a story for goodness sake!  The characters are strong, so individual, and to be able to portray them with characteristics of the ‘factions’ they belong to is sheer genius by Roth.

I love how Beatrice is a strong character, someone who you know will survive. Equally the more characters that I met the more I totally ‘got’ them.

Tris: I wanted to be her.

Four: how to describe him?..put it this way he made my heart skip a beat every time he walked round the corner. Dark and brooding,

The ‘bad’ characters were very nasty which was brilliant. Some of them were so nasty I feared for Tris as I was reading.

Did I like this book….

I absolutely loved this book, it was so exciting. It is so wonderfully complex, and imaginative I got totally lost in its e-pages! In fact it was so exciting I literally could not put the book down. Actually, I was in the middle of serious flat cleaning, then sat with drawers emptied around me reading Divergent instead!

There is a real message and understanding of young adults in this book. Where some authors forget what it was like and guess at difficulties young adults face in today’s world, Roth gets it so right.

“Welcome to the Choosing Ceremony. Welcome to the day we honor the democratic philosophy of our ancestors, which tells us that every man has the right to choose his own way in the world.”
Or, it occurs to me, one of five predetermined ways.

Beatrice is coming up to sixteen and having to choose which faction of society she belongs to. To choose Abnegation where she is with her family may not suit her, to choose another faction means saying goodbye to her family forever.

Her choice turns out to be more difficult than she could ever imagine and even more dangerous once it is made.

And so it starts…

When ‘Tris’ joins her new faction, the journey there was absolutely bewildering and scary. I felt every jump into the unknown, but then felt every exhilaration as it was happening. Roth is a true mistress of sense and sensations in her words.

Sorry am I in readers ecstasy here! I wanted to run with the guys, jump, laugh and feel part of them.

Later when Tris is training in Dauntless, I was so caught up in the story that I felt the build up to Tris’s fight, I should have felt sickened at what I read, but no, I felt good with her victory!

What did I like best…

I love the way how Roth interweaves the essential background of the story so effortlessly.

“ I had a difficult day at work,” he says. “Well, really, it was Marcus who had the difficult day. I shouldn’t lay claim to it”. Marcus is my father’s coworker; they are both political leaders. The city is ruled by a council….”

Divergent really is a superbly written and well thought out story, a journey of young adulthood, that everyone reading it can identify with no matter what their age. It’s exciting, scary, thought provoking, and very satisfying.

There are also really great lines that made me smile, such as:

“Four leaving makes me nervous. Leaving us with Eric is like hiring a babysitter who spends his time sharpening knives.”

I will sum up this book by saying it is:
Sheer Genius!