A flaw in Wyatt Storme, how do I forgive him!

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Synopsis:   Wyatt Storme is his own man. An ex-NFL star with two tours of duty in Vietnam, Storme is a skeptical Thoreau-style hero who bolted to a life of solitude when he felt fenced in by life in the fast lane – he's funny that way. Some wise investments and the love of Sandra Collingsworth, a TV anchorwoman, have made the transition easier, allowing Storme to retreat to his Colorado mountaintop home, free to enjoy his semi-reclusive lifestyle or involve himself in quixotic enterprises. In Storme Front it's the latter. Fresh from his adventures foiling drug manufacturers in Dreamsicle, Storme finds himself reluctantly drawn into a web of murder, extortion, and high-level politics when he attempts to extricate longtime friend Matt Jenkins from an unsavory connection to a cadre of contraband gun merchants. Complicating matters is a dark secret from Storme's past that threatens to jeopardize his fragile relationship with Sandy – a relationship that Storme depends on to prevent his retreat into the darker side of his personality. Assisting Storme again is the enigmatic Chick Easton, a modern bounty hunter with a sideways worldview and a classified Vietnam dossier. Together they encounter some of the most powerful and predatory men in the Rockies (as well as some of the mountains' more interesting women), entertaining each other along the way with the biting, rapid-fire wit of two men who have seen too much without looking away – two men best described as nineties dropouts.


I read it, what do I think?

This time we see a different side to Wyatt Storme. Is Storme a sexist? Hmmm maybe, but this makes his character more real because now for me he is flawed! So all I will say on it is; bad Storme for vehemently decrying early feminists, and somehow I have to forgive you.

Here is a man who will not; cannot let things go when his friends need help and ex Vets’ Wyatt Storme and his likeable ‘off the wall’ pal Chick Easton jump straight in with all adrenaline pumps running at high speed.

So this is about gun running, making wrong choices, old sweethearts with nasty surprises and messing things up with his finance, the lovely Sandy, big time. Ripley never makes it easy for me to even remotely guess what is going on or where it will end up and in that I was left in the same position as Storme himself.

There are some big players in this plot and some weasels too, one of which has to be given the benefit of the doubt. When a writer asks you to be accepting of someone who is clearly an asshole, he is playing with your head but somehow I was willing to try.

Best bits for me?
I love how Ripley starts a story and draws me into Wyatt’s and Easton’s adventures because I just love these two pair of jokers together who fight like they are waging a war against injustices on their own. Cowboy boots, Jack Daniels and cigars sums them up for me. Again, I so enjoyed the style of humour between Storme and Easton that runs through every book in the series, and I am never disappointed.

Bits I was not sure about?
I did get a little confused in the middle because there are so many players and so much going on (how on earth does Ripley keep track of it all as he writing!) but it all makes sense at the end.

All in all, I love this series of books, Ripley has me hooked because of his wonderful humorous style of writing combined with excitement and intrigue.
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