• Kindle Edition, 284 pages
  • Published: August 4th 2015 by Brash Books (first published April 1st 2003)
  • series:  Frank Pavlicek Mysteries #3
  • literary awardsShamus Award for Best PI Paperback Original (2004)
    Available here:   AMAZON UK  and  AMAZON US


An expert falconer is shot in the back in the wilds of West Virginia. The police believe he was the victim of a hunting accident but PI Frank Pavlicek, a falconer himself, isn’t buying the story. Beatings, bombings, warnings from the FBI, and the arrest of his best friend on trumped-up charges only strengthen Pavlicek’s resolve to follow a bloody trail of lies and corpses that leads to a chilling, terrorist conspiracy.


<em>What did I think?</em>

This is a man’s book, no strong women characters here, most of them are described with the words; leant on me, kitchen, small hands, and given whimpering lines.

I thought the opening paragraph of the prologue was superb:
<blockquote><em> There is a light that sharpens the hunt during darkest winter, a delicate radiance belonging as much to the earth as to the sky. After dawn, it coins to the trees like some corporeal messenger. Remember the start reality of cold possibilities, it says, black memory, the frozen echoes of hollowed-out veins beneath the ground.</em></blockquote>
Then sadly it went all down hill from there onwards for me.

I found the retrospective switch in the story line hard to follow because one minute Frank Pavlicek is at the funeral of his friend, next he is with the police before the funeral and I was confused and wondering what was going on. I could have done with a little less detailed information which for me detracted from the story.

The characters themselves seemed a little too indistinguishable for me. The only one who felt different was Toronto’s father, but even he ended up a whimpering old man which appeared out of character.

However, the plot line was a cracking one with murders, investigation, FBI, secret missions, right-wing cult, explosions and a lot of mystery.

I guess this style of writing just doesn't suit me at all.
Many thank to the publisher via NetGalley for copy of this book