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Lock is a dedicated investigator at Child Protective Services. An anonymous report of neglect comes in. He responds and finds the kids in good health. Lock concludes the report was a ruse, possibly part of a scheme to make Natalie Mannheim—the kids’ mother—look bad in an upcoming divorce trial.

Natalie needs Lock’s expertise to help her win custody—and a multi-million-dollar divorce settlement. He realizes she doesn’t have a prayer in court against her shrewd husband, and only Lock can help her now.

Lock knows all about addiction, and he’s aware of the powerful hold Natalie has on him. But he can’t get her out of his head. Lock is caught between his commitment to take the high road and his burning desire to have a family. In this story of love, lust, deceit and murder, what Lock chooses to do will grab your imagination and never let go.


What did I like most about this book?

I like how Freudberg allowed me to entered the world of an alcoholic, and addict. How easy is it to want something, know that it’s bad for you but do it anyway… Have that drink knowing and understanding that you cannot just have the one glass you promised yourself but do it anyway. Self destruct by staying with the person who has flaws and allow yourself to be blindsided by them, the person who has the ability to destroy you.

This is a great beginning. Loch appears drunk and is rehearsing admitting to killing a child to his mentor Abner, and I want his story as much as he wants to give it.
<blockquote><em>“When it came to adding it all up, you couldn’t get it right like you usually do. I was in your blind spot.” He pictured Abner,s face draining, his cap falling to the floor. “Me. Lachlan Kilkenny. Killer.”</em></blockquote>
When an author shows that he has good understanding of human behaviour, and Freudberg shows this in his writing it makes for great reading. As his boss Abner questions a man who is suspected of approaching a young boy in a cinema Freudberg gives us an account of a small crowd of lads:
<blockquote><em>A teenager shouted, “Cuff him!” and his friends jeered. They couldn’t have known why the man was being questioned, but that didn’t stop them. It was that kind of town. Other people’s misfortune was good entertainment. Lock shook his head. No doubt, thirty years before he would've been one of the kids jeering.</em></blockquote>
Loch loves children, wants a family of his own to love and working with Child Protecting could be hard for him knowing how others just didn’t care for their children like they should.

So, here is Natalie, a beautiful woman who claims her very rich husband is bad, her kids are suffering and who are Loch’s main priority following a report, but there is an attraction to their mother he feels right from the beginning. You can taste the destruction in the very idea that this may be a good thing, but there is nothing tangible to put your finger on to say otherwise. See, I already felt protective towards Loch! The characters are brilliant, each one with their own agenda and importance.

Loch is so obsessed with Natalie and her children but would he do anything to protect them?

There is a real mix of feelings and relationships throughout giving a distinct depth to the plot. Life is complex; combine relationships with addiction, a persons past, parental love, line crossing, questionable decisions and bad characters. All of this makes for an excellent read.

Things I was not sure about:

The cover didn't grab me, maybe a white background with black letters?     I like the title though.

I did get a little overwhelmed by Loch's gushing over Natalie in the middle, but then I guess people who are obsessed with others tend behave in the same manner constantly.


Kindle Edition, 332 pages
Published May 6th 2015 by Inside Job Media
ISBN 13 978 0984594535


Many thanks for a copy of this book in return for an honest review.