An excellent read – 4 Stars!

Paperback, 320 pages
Published May 21st 2015 by Myriad Editions

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Moving between the beautiful coastline of Cornwall and the left suburbs of London, 'Flight' is a story of secrets and lies – and of the indelible traces that are left behind when someone tries to disappear.

When Wren Irving's numbers come up in the first ever national lottery draw, she doesn't tell her husband, Rob.  Instead she quietly packs her bags, kisses her six-month-old daughter Phoebe goodbye, and leaves.

Two decades later, Rob has moved on and found happiness with their oldest friend, Laura.  Phoebe, now a young woman, has never known any other life.  But when Rob receives a mysterious letter, the past comes back to haunt them  all.  With their cosy world thrown into turmoil, Laura sets out to track Wren down and discover the truth about why she walked out all those years ago.


What I liked about this book:

This is a story about three people; Wren who cannot cope with being herself as a mother and wife, Rob her husband, and Laura their friend who is full of life, and fits neatly into the golden trio bringing it love, laughter and life.  Told through individual perspectives bringing a quality of story telling that is a delight to read.This is one of my favourite lines because it captures a complete essence with a snapshot line.

“The sole of the bongo player’s leather boot flapped at the heel, snapping in rhythm with his stride, opening and closing like a lazy mouth”.

Imagine this: you love your friend, you love your husband, your child but you simply cannot stay because you feel…what? Stifled, isolated, dead inside. Ashdown offers a glimpse into the rare unexplained pain of the fear of motherhood and marriage. What should have happened is that your best friend Laura should have stayed with you and Rob, the three of you could have survived together, but grown ups leave behind the group of ‘besties’ and split into adult relationships.

As a mother it is nigh impossible to understand how any one could abandon their child, but reading this story brought a memory back of a friend (with mental health difficulties) who did the same thing for similar reasons and I was blown away by Ashdown’s perfect account of the emotions surrounding the whole thing. Such wonderfully, softly written complexity of life that speaks the unspeakable.

Wren’s life in Cornwall is quite enviable with life itself melting into the landscape. Isolation in the most beautifulest of places, self sufficiency and a cottage just big enough for one and a couple of dogs. But, life has a way of finding you and catching up.

However this is definitely not a predictable book at all, it not simply about how they each cope emotionally, it is about secrets that will shock and change everything forever.

I would definitely recommend this book for those who like complex stories of relationships.

I am so please to have received this book as a Goodreads first reads winner. Thank you!