The Prologue got me hooked straight hot hot!  I gave this book 4 stars.

Paperback, 368 pages – Also Available in Kindle

Published: March 12th 2015 by Hodder & Stoughton
ISBN 1444781227

(ISBN13: 9781444781229)

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Goodreads synopsis:

All Summer Hammond has ever wanted is love and security. Now, she feels terribly alone. Her sisters Freya and Flora are consumed with their love affairs, and worse than that, their father has finally lost patience with his wayward daughters, deciding he will cut them off financially for good. The shock of rejection hits Summer hard and she decamps to LA, where she meets Jack Fiori, a gorgeous Italian American. The attraction between them is unmistakable, and when Jack invites Summer on a trip to Vegas, just the two of them, she eagerly accepts. But it soon becomes clear that the trip was a ruse. To her horror, Summer realizes she’s been kidnapped. But Jack won’t listen to her explain she’s no longer an heiress. For a kidnapper, he seems curiously uninterested in money. Summer is sure that Jack isn’t going to hurt her, but she needs to find out why this is happening. Gradually, the intensity between them builds to levels neither of them can resist. And Summer will find out the secret of why Jack has brought her here and what he hopes to gain…


<strong>What I liked about this book</strong>

Now, I am not normally one for reading steamy novels because they don’t always have that much excitement in them for me. I was pleasantly surprise by Season of Longing because it was a great story to go with the sex!

It is well written making a very enjoyable read. Just the thing to read as a light hearted steamy/romance/bad guys turn out good guys book.

The lives of rich three girls go bad after their father has a new woman in his life years of being alone after their mothers death, and he cuts them off financially to fend for themselves. Two have relationships with people he doesn't approve of and the third, Summer, is terrified to have any relationship. Sounds predictable doesn't it…but wait this is a great story and one which had me gripped throughout.

The steamy intimate scenes were beautifully executed, and maintained each individuals personality so that it was not just token sex thrills for the reader. Get what I am saying here?

The characters were great, I too fell for Jack, oh that rippled body! That intense mystery about him. I disliked their billionaire father intensely but understood the world he lived in was far removed from ordinary people.

I enjoyed the flow of this book as it took me on a great journey. Sadly though I see this is the final book in the Seasons trilogy and I have not read the first two, although I am thinking that they too will make cracking reads!

Do I recommend this book, hell yes, and the first two if they are anything like this one!


Many thanks to the publisher for a paperback copy of this book for my honest review.