Why 5 stars?

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. I loved this book.  Be warned though it is brutal and graphic…just what I love to read 😉

A friend recommended this book to me and from her review I knew I had to read it. (Thanks Maxine) OMG this is going to be going round in my head for a while I can tell you. What a great and interesting mind Borton has to give us this novel.

Format: Kindle Edition
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Print Length: 346 pages
Publisher: Thomas & Mercer (9 Dec. 2014)
Language: English


Kate Freeman opened the front door of her vacation villa to see a Florida State Trooper standing on the porch. A few moments later, 50,000 paralyzing volts shot through her body. Her world went dark after her head impacted the tile floor.

She woke unable to move. Sitting only a few feet away bound to a chair, her six-year-old son sat quietly staring at her. It was just the beginning of their hellish nightmare.

150 miles away, Kate’s husband Paul was on his annual scuba trip in the Bahamas. Early the next morning, he pulled away from the dock and headed back to the villa on Sugar Loaf Key to be reunited with his family. He would be the first to find them – exactly as the killer planned.

“Suffer” is a crime thriller that shows what ordinary people are capable of doing when faced with unimaginable evil. Decisions have to be made that take them deeper into the darkness of a sociopath’s world. It’s a place they have to travel in order to hunt him down and make the punishment fit the crime.

Few expected her to survive. Nobody expected her to fight.


My review:

This plot was focussed and did not spend too much time on superficial chatter that could distract from the plot.

Borton did not spare the brutality of the scenes, describing the worst torture anyone can imagine ever. The brutal rape and torture of a young woman and her son is so shocking it cannot even be imagined. What kind of animal could do this to another human being? Her husband and friends finds them and there is only one thing that can be done. Without knowing that his wife is recovering against all odds, Paul commits suicide and Grey their friend vows to find who was responsible. Along with a few others, revenge is well planned and very sweet.

What did I like best?

I loved that this is a fast paced, exciting story, one which both filled me with horror and morbid desire to read how revenge would be described. There is a kind of air-punching satisfaction of knowing that someone suffers the same horrors as they inflicted. Should you be worried about me? Nah, I think that many who read this book will be just as eager to have torture metered out and described in such a visual manner. Why? Well you will just have to read it and find out won’t you!

This is a book that is well written and excellently put together, not once did I get lost in the plot or the characters. Talking of characters, I loved the strength of the vulnerable Kate, the victim. I loved how Borton gives her real character that both scares and amazes those around her. It made me think about whether in the same situation would I be able to be strong enough or sick enough to exact revenge as she did? Indeed it begs the question whether it is right or wrong – okay of course it was wrong but would I tell on her – no way, my mouth stays shut.

Those men around Kate and who love her for surviving, are wonderfully strong characters, no messing about – get the job done types. Who risk their lives for her.

Anything that would have been the icing on the cake for me?

Oh yes, without giving away the plot I would have like descriptions of one mans fear and emotions……. You’ll know exactly what I mean when you read it. (Alright that is probably a bit too creepy of me.)

I now need a follow up, because hey Mr Borton you can’t just end it there for me!!


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