A book that gives you the feeling you have gained a degree by reading it!    I give it ☆☆☆☆

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What’s it about? 

The worst you can imagine about how society is run and its demise. Karl Popper eat your heart out. Dystopia, or is it a reflection of where our society is heading right now.

There are several parts (volumes) to this book which were brilliant in themselves although I feel each would have been served better with their own story to tell as their own book. I don’t think they gel together very well as I got totally confused with Volumes 2 and 3 and how they fitted in.

Goodreads synopsis:

The story of how the 1% are stealing the world Corpalism is a dark and exciting exploration of a dystopian future wrought by unchecked corporate greed.

The book is in five parts; the timeline moves back and forth 20 years, using inter connected characters and storylines. Situational humour serves to lighten the mood and the characters range from the cynically evil, through the surprisingly likeable to the positively evangelical.

The first part is based in an economically dystopian future, a fast-paced thriller that moves in a believable way between fact and fiction, the second part plunges the unsuspecting reader into the distressed mind of Stephanie White a political activist from the new Independent party and victim of the latest terror atrocity locked in a coma fighting a trivial persona her mother has imposed upon her through years of brainwashing, whilst the third has several characters, including Stephanie and Donald from the previous volumes, in a pub arguing various topics from various points of view; the reader being left to decide which is valid. Part four brings all the threads together and the final part is set 20 years in the past.

A unique experience – a page turner with a message.


My review:

So, we start with organised anarchy in the boro’s (the ghettos of unemployed and dissident people) where millions live outside of the wealthy cities.

There is a detailed breakdown of how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, and how those in-between become so debt ridden they are stuck in the middle forever.

But wait..the more the structure of society is explained the more complex and convoluted it becomes. Throw in the fact that someone is double crossing someone who is double crossing someone else who is…you get the picture, and you are well on your way to understanding society, economics, and politics but not a lot else.

Volume 1; Terry gets sent to the boro as punishment for tardiness at work, but all is not what it seems. Anarchy is provoked to mobilise the millions to rise up against the system.

Volume 2, totally threw me..was I still reading the same novel, is it a book of short stories? Delores returns after 40 days and 40 nights having no idea she was missing and starts spouting on about the unfair justice of the structure of society at every opportunity she gets. So, the theme is the same the characters are not. Is she mad like they all think she is, or is she correct in what she is saying? What did happen to her?

By now I have completely forgotten about Terry and Volume 1, but am totally immersed in Delores and Volume 2 when it ends.

Volume 3 and we were in a pub all dressed in fancy dress discussing, guess what? Yes, society and the individual. Throw in some history and religion and here we go again.

And so it goes on.

Did I like it?

I love the sharp wit in the narrative of this book which makes it well worth reading. It is a bit like being at University and sitting round in the refectory over burger, chips and coke discussing life, economics, politics and how society is driven by greed alone, and feeling very grown up.

It is quite simply brilliant, encompassing all of the following:

New world order
Macro society managed by micro people

“…thats what they have achieved in their crazy desire to own all of the money. It’s insane, they are insane…they are economic psychopaths.”

Conspiracy theories
Crime and kidnap
Property law
sexual orientation / monogamy
terrorism threats 7/7, 9/11
Cold war: Russians and Middle east
world economics, third world slavery, politics and philosophy
The Church, Religious history, political morality
religious vs society control

“ ‘…every other species is born free and lives free. We humans are born into economic slavery and life crippling dept.”

Royalty and ruling classes
Inequality, sexism and feminism
Talent shows (with Sam Cowbell HAHA!) and facebook
Gods vs evolution
World history class domination
Football and teamwork ruining creativity:

“…who can only play ‘pass and go’ football which is what we’ve got today, its all just ‘pass and go’, in tight triangles. “

People: gays, transexuals, pretty, plain, fat, thin, white, black, super heroes, victims, Muslims, Christians, Jews

It is funny and brilliantly thought out and explained but by Volume 3 I was all lectured out and my brain was fried.

Coming up to an election in the UK this makes a great read…
Q. who would I vote for after reading it?
A. No point in voting society is following a path to becoming doomed already.

Now for the bombshell…..I just couldn’t finish reading the last part of the book because Ellis’ brilliance overwhelmed me and it just got too much. I still give it 4 stars.