Did I like it? Yes it was ok but it didn’t blow me away. What was the plot like? Complicated but interesting, quite well thought out although part of it did not seem totally believable to me.

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Synopsis: Forced out of his job at the 44th Precinct in the Fort Apache section of the South Bronx, Sam escapes his troubles and moves his family to the suburbs, only to discover that his troubled past from the Bronx comes back to haunt him. When he’s arrested for murder and brought back to the Bronx to stand trial, he must fight for his life against a District Attorney and his former NYPD colleagues who are bent on getting even by making sure Sam is convicted.


My review:

Sam Free had always been an honest cop turning a blind eye to his colleagues on the take from drug dealers was always likely to become a problem and then the DA asks him to lie about something in court. He is then set up to take the wrap for things he is not guilty of and comes across as mildly irritated instead of stompingly mad. After stealing money from a drug runner, he moves to a small town hoping to have a quiet life. You reckon he found it?

Maybe it’s perfectly plausible for most of a police department to be on the take from drug dealers but I was not convinced. A couple of cops maybe but not on the scale here. Surely? I wanted to know what drove these men to do it, and why Sam Free was not mad as hell for being set up or it least it didn’t appear so to me. I wanted to hear some reflection from Sam, some deep thought, and wanted to get to know his family more.

There was some very detailed information which I skipped through such as route descriptions which did not appear to add anything to the plot. The characters were a little weak and the plot did not seem to be very plausible. I was missing was a sense of real places and people.


Grebitz is an intelligent writer and its clear he has a good handle on the criminal world. There was a promise of a great story here following Sam Free trying to stop himself being locked up for something he didn’t do. It will be interesting to see whether Grebitz can focus and reign in his imagination in future books.

Don’t just go by my thoughts on it, you have to read it to make your own mind up, there is a good story in this book somewhere, and the writing style is not bad either.

Many thanks to the publisher for a copy via NetGalley.