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  • Publisher: Common Sense Publications (November 21, 2014)
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Synopsis (Goodreads)

This is a novelette of paranormal suspense. The local town medium needs to figure out why this little girl has returned from the afterlife after being deceased for the past 30 years. Why now? Who is she? What has brought her back to this small Canadian fishing town? What can we do to make sure she stays perfectly safe?



What I liked about this book…

This is such a great little novelette, nice and spooky just the right size to read before going to bed!

Who is Shannon and where did all the blood come from?

The start felt somewhat confusing as I was not sure what I was reading, then realised that this is exactly how Brenda is feeling. Gosh that was clever.

The the facts become clearer when her friend Maggie with her gift as a medium steps in because she can see things clearer than the others. Shannon is a little girl who you want to cuddle if you could. The sadness that surrounds her seeps from the page.

A tale of love conquers all? I somehow don’t think so here. The spirit of a little girl bludgeoned to death with her mother, comes back to…do what?  That’s where Le Blanc has you.  Shannon herself doesn’t know. Thank goodness for Maggie to help her, and that’s when the story gets even stranger with a trip to death row and evil personified in Shannon’s father.

There are some thought provoking currents running through here.    When I got to the end I thought noooooo thats not the end, I know there’s more to this.

I shall say no more, as I don’t want to spoil it for you, but I have a feeling that the next novelette Profile of a Fisherman will draw me in even further.

I am not always easy to please when it comes to short stories and novelettes, but this one really had me wanting more…!