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First Holmes and Watson, then Nero and Archie, Now Leo and Serendipity–two detectives, two narrative voices, twice as much sleuthing and double the fun.
First, imagine Katherine Hepburn at fourteen. Next, in your mind’s eye, replay Humphrey Bogart, at his middle-aged best, as Sam Spade. Now picture this oddest of couples as the newest duo in detective fiction and you’ll have a perfect portrait of the memorable leads in Sleeping Dog.”
–Los Angeles Times Book Review

This beloved, comedy-noir thriller teams up Leo Bloodworth, a hard-drinking, middle-aged Los Angeles PI with hypertension and a low tolerance for precious teenagers, with Serendipity Dahlquist, a bright and strong-willed roller-blading 14-year-old searching for her lost dog. But things quickly escalate, plunging the oddest of odd couples into the dark underworld of sunny Southern California and pitting them against one of the biggest, and most brutal, organized crime families in Mexico.


What I liked about this book?

I loved the characters ,I could picture every one of them in my mind they are so real. Serendipity; a typical 14 year old, going on 20 something. She is the most adorable pain in the butt child and as sharp as a knife. Leo Bloodworth; a middle aged bumbling P.I. is no fool. Grandma an actress in a soap, Edith Van Dine, a great lady with sense of drama around her. And of course the cast of many others in this plot. Cleverly narrated through the points of view of the kid, and by Leo giving different versions of events. I loved how this worked so well.

Her dog is stolen and Serendipity is sent to a P.I. by police to help search for him, his partner decides to take the girls money to look for it but then gets murdered. Leo is then paid to look after her, and find her mother by her Grandmother. Reading what follows is one hell of a ride, that is both exciting and funny. The further into the the book I read the more complex the story and the characters which combines dog fighting, guns, gruesome murders and mafia style gangs. Comedy and crime brilliantly executed. A P.I. and a 14 year old girl make a very amusingly odd couple

There is so much great comedy in the writing that one time when I was laughing out loud I had to read the passage out to explain what was so funny and this set my husband laughing too, no mean feat I can tell you!. Listen to this:

Peru was a reasonably honest member of my profession who, though not exactly Mensa material, was big enough and mean enough to keep the kid out of trouble for an hour or two, if that was his task. At a cost of only $50. A steal. Peru’s mother handed his business arrangements.
“What are the instructions again, Hound?”he asked.
“You keep Sarah, the little girl, in and everybody else out. Except me”.
He nodded his big, oddly handsome head. He was wearing a bright Hawaiian spot shirt, tan slacks, and gym shoes with straps instead of string. “What about he mailman?”
“The mailman?”
“I once made a mistake with a mailman. You know, kinda pulled him apart. He was only doing his job, but I was on’y doing’ my job, too.”
“I think you can forget the mailman, Peru. Unless he rings more than twice.”
Peru gave me a wink that was supposed to convince me that he understood.

What a great movie this would make!

Lochte managed to weave some wonderful characters into the story, so many that I wished I had a who’s who list so as to keep up with them all.

Updated and now in ebook format this is a must for your reading pile. There is a real sense of old fashioned adult crime thriller in a style which is delightfully humorous to read.

Many thanks to the publisher for a copy via NetGalley.  

I’m off to buy Lochte’s other books this was that good!!