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Erotica that stands out from the crowd, this intelligent steamy novel is a cracking read!



Sensual and romantic, shocking and arousing, BLUE MONDAYS will change the way you think about your commute forever…

When Lucy Green sees a stranger drop his wallet on the Tube, it’s the beginning of a cat-and-mouse relationship that enlightens, frustrates and arouses her in equal measure.

She follows him to give it back, and is soon drawn into a situation she never dreamed possible, behaving in a way she never thought she would. She seems to respond to Ben at some animal level, and it’s frightening. Should she follow her head, say goodbye and carry on her way to work? Or go with him and explore her adventurous side?

Contemporary romance with a sizzling erotic element.


Erotica is often just that, and somehow I was not expecting this to be such a great story!  For those of us who appreciate a great story AND great writing then Dubberley does not disappoint. Yes, we do want intelligent steamy novels, we want our characters to be lusciously delectable but emotionally real.  We don’t want simpering women whose lives are all about waiting for a man to make them into a stronger person, no we don’t.

We want what Dubberley gives us.

Lucy is a real character who has made some bad choices, and allowed her ex boyfriend to make her into what he wants. How easy is it to become the person that we think others want to please them and not realise it. The story starts from there, she must now find who she is and learn to be her own person.

I love the fact that there are whole lives involved, family, work, trauma and it has been woven together so wonderfully. The story is set in three places: London, Brighton and Cornwall each giving a different pace to Lucy’s life.

Dubberley paints Lucy’s work place so well, you just know some of those characters for real, the fashionistas and the way colleagues are judged by how well they fit in.

Sorry, haven’t I mentioned the sex yet?  Phew! what can I say? Well, we can all identify with bits of it at some point can’t we? 😉 Does Dubberley descriptive scenes fulfil the fantasy? Oh yes, definitely and some! This is real, delicious, oh so naughty, and hot. It is exciting, raw, and then again beautifully romantically staged. Ben is the fantasy male most women dream of, not perfect but not some screw up either.

I connected with the characters, I loved the plot which is good and will keep you gripped throughout and I loved the ending which left me with just enough conclusion, and curiosity to want to know what happens next.

Many thanks to the publisher for a paper copy of this book in return for my honest review.

  • Paperback: 320 pages
  • Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton (23 Oct 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1444793543
  • ISBN-13: 978-1444793543

Available in Paperback and Kindle edition

Emily Dubberley

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