21980694I rate this book a fantastic 5 stars!

What a brilliantly disturbing read!

This book is so ‘wrong’ on so many levels, but in a great read way. I was disgusted, outraged, shocked, horrified and still could not put it down.

Zach, his mother and his daughter Lilly live in an area that you would not go to voluntarily, burnt out houses and human decay all around in the people who survive there.

When Zach’s girlfriend tells him she is pregnant by a guy he hates, he has no problem in killing him, in fact she likes the way he ‘takes care’ of things and Latrice tells him to take care of new born Lilly, born with a heart defect and cyanosis.

With no food and no parenting Lilly is left to fend for herself, and at 12 is introduced to heroin by uncle Nelson next door. This makes disturbing reading as the guy shoots H into her visible veins through her translucent skin telling her that it cures her sickness. The shock of seeing this in words struck me deep inside.

Across the road in the burnt out house, home to the ‘red man’ he paces around watching Lilly and listening to her dead mother’s, and Oscars voice. Lilly is his and he wants her in his head.

What I liked about this book

This is a brilliantly clever book, I love that Matthews uses the ‘author’ saying the story is true and not to believe the disclaimer at the beginning. Mark Matthews totally messes with your head because you don’t want to believe anything can be even remotely close to being true and yet you all know what he is describing is from real life. Having worked with addiction and mental health Matthews introduces us to the real horror living amongst us like none have done before.

So the real horror of this book is the truth within it. Matthews does not use monsters to chill us but the possible lives of real people, the terrible world in which drug addiction, poverty and abuse resides. The paranormal just tops it off all of a real treat.

I love the spunk of this young girl against would be bullies, loving her Dad unconditionally. The brutal honesty of how she seeks heroin.

The horror of milk-blood is dark and disgusting and provoked a reaction in me that churned my stomach.

There is just enough detail of each character meaning that you never totally know them adding to the uncertainty of what will happen.

I thoroughly enjoyed the way Matthews writes, his words fill you with horror without the need to overwork it, simple and yet stunning. Wonderful sentences such as these that says more than any detailed description could ever do:

The sound was sharper than any piece of glass he’d ever stepped on. And the little pieces got stuck in his skin just the same.

He hit something, he felt it, not something solid, but something squishy. The clothes hanger got stuck in the muck………A scream echoed from upstairs.

This is a book that will certainly stay with me because I it feels so real.


Thanks to the Author for a free copy of this book in return for my honest review.

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