I gave this book 5/5 Stars

Sally is an incredible singer but she sings only in her wardrobe where nobody can hear her. She’d rather join a nudist colony than sing in public.

That is until she ventures to New York where a wild and heady summer of love and loss changes her forever. No longer able to hide in the shadows, Sally must return home to London to fulfill a promise she cannot break – to share her voice.
But just as she’s about to embark on her new life, a beautiful man turns up on Sally’s doorstep bearing a sheepish smile and a mysterious hand-written message.
How did he find her? Why is he here? Does he hold the truth to what happened back in New York? And, with him back on the scene, will she still have the courage to step into the spotlight?

What did I think?

Did I like this book?  I laughed and cried all the way through it, and that is something not many books do to me.

I was so enthralled and caught up in the story that I forgot that I dislike the slushiness of Romance books. But this is not just a book about romance, is is about opera, ballet, culture, council estates and much more.
Oh very clever is the way this book about a girl, another one, a boy, and another one, is set in the scenes of Opera. This is a book set to music, and would make a great film that I would watch over and over in my onsie whilst drinking hot chocolate with a box of tissues at my side. Not only that I would buy the album to play and re-live every delicious memory of watching it.

Wrapped up with love, excitement, longing, laughter, humour, tragedy, sadness and fulfilment, I will tell all my friends they have to read this book.